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10-Sep-2013A study of hepatitis b associated surface antigen (HBs ag) and hepatitis b antibody (anti-hbs) in liver deseases and prevalence of hbsag in chronic renal failureGupta, Brijesh KumarArora, R C
10-Sep-2013A study of Fecal fat and d-xylose absorption tests in suspected malabsorptive disorders in Bundelkhand region of central IndiaJohri, Sanjay KumarArora, R C
8-Oct-2013Secondary pulmonary action infections in pulmonary tuberculosis a clinical profileMishra, Satya PrakashArora, R C
10-Sep-2013A study of hepatitis B surface antigen in professional and voluntary blood donors and acute viral hepatitis in Bundelkhand region of IndiaDhaka, Veer BahadurArora, R C
26-Aug-2013A study: incidence of urinary calculi in abdominal pain cases attending medical collage hospital, JhansiGoyel, Ravindra KumarGupta, A K; Saxena, H N
27-Aug-2013Attenuation of the Reflex response to Laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation with various drug combinationsMohmmed Huzain, K BSharma, U C; Gupta, Veena
27-Aug-2013A RAdiological evaluation of the Conventional Barium meal follow through examination and double contrast small bowel Bsrium Enema in intestional tuberculosisSrivastava, Pradeep KumarGupta, A K; Mishra, D N
29-Aug-2013Clinico-Pathological study of Diabetic Foot in Bundelkhand University: a continued studySrivastava, AnuragSinha, Rajeev; Agarwal, Navneet
26-Aug-2013Clinico-pathological study of urolithiasis with analysis of urinary stones in Bundelkhand regionGupta, Ashok KumarKala, R P; Pratap, Dinesh
26-Aug-2013A new approach in tetanus (Intrathecal immunoglobulins)Goel, SubhashPrakash, Satyendra; Agarwal, S L