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7-Oct-2013Samajwadhi chintako ke saikshik vicharo k tulnatmak adhyan समाजवादी चिन्तको के शैक्षिक विचारो का तुलनात्मक अध्यनMishra, Sashi (मिश्रा, शशी )Shrivastav, D S (श्रीवास्तव डी ऐस)
1-Sep-2014Forecasitng needs fro in service education of primary school teachersKaushik, Arun KumarSharma, R N
2-Sep-2014A study of teaching efficiency and teaching aptitude in relation to experiance of male and female arts and science teachers of intemediate colleges of Jhansi Mandal, JhansiKushwaha, Yatendra SinghVishwakarma, Ram Lakhan
2-Sep-2014Study of the programme of Audio visual education in teachers training colleges in UPChaudhary, RakhiVerma, J L
5-Sep-2014A comparative study of the attitude of, sheduled caste and non schedualed caste, with reference to Urbanisation, sex and socio economic statusRawat, KrishnaSarma, Satish Chandra
5-Sep-2014Study of concept formation, creativity and personality of hearing impaired studentsPratap, JitendraSrivastava, D S
5-Sep-2014A study of developmental trends of vocational preferences ans their relationship with some psycho social vaiables among the boys of secondary stageSengar, Pratap SinghSingh, Ram Janam
5-Sep-2014A study of achievement concept and vocational aspirations of schedualed and non sheduled caste studentsSrivastava, Hargovind DayalManav, R N
5-Sep-2013A study of Sri Aurobindo's integral education and its effectiveness in tems of cognative learning and non-cognative learning outcomesat the secondary school levelVerma, NeetaVishwakarma,R L; Pathak, R P
10-Sep-2013A Study of effectiveness early childhood care and education (ECCE) programme in community participation , involvement of school, teacher's and children's learning achievementMamtaVishwakarma, R L; Pathak, R P