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26-May-2017Synthesis and characterization of new metallacyclic derivatives of aluminium iii as well as of zirconium iv potential applications in the field of caprolactone polymerization and in nano structured oxidic ceramicsPrasanth, V GPathak, Madhvesh
26-May-2017The study of selected plant apocarotenoids on melanogenesis anti skin cancer activity and its role in in vivo developmental toxicityAnantharaman, AmritaSiva R
26-May-2017Modeling photonic devices few cycle laser pulse compressor and biosensor using microstructured optical fibersGandhi, Aruna M SSenthilanthan K
26-May-2017Exploration of dna interaction studies of vanadium and copper complexes based on various ligand systemsInamdar, Poonam RajeevSheela A
26-May-2017Alternative technology to achieve zero liquid discharge zld concept in the tannery effluent treatment processKavitha, P RGanapathy, G P
26-May-2017Performance analysis of call management schemes in cellular and wi fi heterogeneous networksNandakumar SKhara, Sibaram
26-May-2017Development of waveguide polarisers and saturable absorbers using transition metal dichalcogenidesSathiyan SSivabalan S
26-May-2017Recovery of rare earth metals using biosorbents of animal and plant originVarshini, Jayasre CMitra, Nilanjana
26-May-2017Studies on solid suspension in an agitated vesselChitra DMuruganandam L
26-May-2017Perception of hospital employees on the acceptance and use of electronic health records and telemedicineSivaji JinkaVenugupal, Pulidindi