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7-Jul-2016Wavelet based investigations on removal of ocular artifacts from EEG signals and identification of defects in fabrics and ceramic tiles using statistical approachKumar, P SenthilArumuganathan, R
10-Oct-2016Development of high performance concrete by partial replacement of cement with silica fume and experimental investigations on its strength and durability characteristicsPerumal, KSundararajan, R
4-Jul-2016Investigations of Bismuth Telluride based thin films for thermoelectric applicationsDheepa, JSathyamoorthy, R
4-Jul-2016Investigations of the potential DNA damaging effects of metals Cr Pb Cd and Ni and genotoxicity risk in persons working in tannery foundry welding and electroplating industriesElayaraja, TRajaguru, P
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on pure and boron ion implanted polycrystalline Cd0 96Zno 04Te thin films as applied to Hgo 78 Cd0 22Te surface passivationSridharan, MNarayandass, Sa K
4-Jul-2016Investigations of Pb II 2 3 and 4 aminomethyl pyridine systems by polarographic and faradaic impedance techniquesAyyavoo, SSubramanian, P A
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on vacuum evaporated amorphous and polycrystalline GaSe thin filmsThamilselvan, MMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on hot wall deposited CuInSe2 thin films for solar cell applicationsAgilan, SMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Ecological investigations for the identification of plants of conservation importance in the understories of certain Shola forests at Manjur the Nilgiris Western Ghats IndiaPadmavathy, SPaulsamy, S
4-Jul-2016Investigations on the nematicidal activity of terpenoid aldehyde a natural nematicidal principle of gossypium on the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognitaJayaprakash, KRajulu, G Sundara