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10-Oct-2016Investigations of new techniques of state variable diagrams and system modellingKanakaraj, JGurusamy, G
10-Oct-2016Certain investigations of intelligent tuning and genetic algorithm based optimization of flexible hybrid fuzzy PID controllersAnitha, PGurusamy, G
10-Oct-2016Investigations on optical star local area network with modelling and performance evaluationShanmugam, APalanichamy, S
10-Oct-2016Certain investigations on wind and solar based electric power conversion and conditioning systemsBabu, S SureshPalanichamy, S
4-Jul-2016Investigations on the nematicidal activity of terpenoid aldehyde a natural nematicidal principle of gossypium on the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognitaJayaprakash, KRajulu, G Sundara
21-Oct-2016Investigations on policy based automated provisioning for wireless differentiated service networksRajeev, SSivanandam, S N
4-Jul-2016Ecological investigations for the identification of plants of conservation importance in the understories of certain Shola forests at Manjur the Nilgiris Western Ghats IndiaPadmavathy, SPaulsamy, S
4-Jul-2016Investigations on some aspects of the physical and chemical features of the nests and on prey paralysing mechanism of some South Indian potter waspsKadirvelu, PRajulu, G Sundara
4-Jul-2016Investigations on chemical bath deposited copper indium diselenide thin filmsDhanam, MKannan, M D
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on pure doped and iron implanted zinc selenide thin filmsVenkatachalam, SMangalraj, D