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12-Feb-2015Effectiveness of programmed learning material PLM in the achievement of disabled and non:disabled students in mathematics at standard IX in TamilnaduChandradoss, Samson HPalniappan, V P
12-Feb-2015A study on the determinants of professional talent of high school teachers in Namakkal districtKalaivani, ADhanasekaran, V
17-Feb-2015Growth promoting potential and ammonia stress tolerance ability of allium sativum zingiber officinale and curcuma longa incorporated feeds in macrobrachium rosenbergii post larvaeAnnerebecca, ABhavan, P Saravana
6-Feb-2015Psychological insight into resuscitation of self relationship and time in select novels of anita nairAgalya, K AMahalakshmi, S N
6-Feb-2015Cycle multiplicity and tulgeity of line middle and total graph of some families of graphAli, AkbarPanayappan, S
6-Feb-2015Comparative effect of metformin clomiphene citrate and metformin letrozole on biochemical hormonal changes and ovulatory outcomes in infertile polycystic ovarian syndrome womenDhanalakshmi GSumathi P
6-Feb-2015Effects of varied combinations of yogic practices aerobic and resistance training on selected physical fitness physiological and bio chemical variables of college male studentsSaravanan, KRadhakrishnan, T
6-Feb-2015Cognition and structure of kerala society during eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with special reference to social reformersSaritha, K SPerumal, A
6-Feb-2015Studies on dna barcodes to identify the indian medicinal plant species of apocynaceae and zingiberaceaeDhivya, SSathishkumar, R
5-Feb-2015Living arrangements and care support of the elderly widowed women in an urban setting of tamil nadu state indiaSingh, NeeluAudinarayana, N