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30-Nov-2017Antiproliferative and tumor inhibitory preperty of bacopa manniera linn an in vRohini.GShyamaladevi.C.S
22-Mar-2018Potential role of Solanum Trilobatum extract on oxidative stress and apoptosis in erythrocytes of aged ratsKanchana MPanneerselvam C
22-Mar-2018PCB Aroclor 1254 induces oxidative damage in rat brain regions protective role of MelatoninVenkataraman PArunakaran J
22-Mar-2018Impact of diabetes mellitus on bone an experimental and clinical approachGopalakrishnan VSrinivasan N
22-Mar-2018Human monocyte and macrophage apoptosis induced by Mycobacterium Tuberclosis strains and its implication on cell mediated immune responsePriya RSulochana D
22-Mar-2018Antiproliferative and chemopreventive potential of semecarpus anacardium linn nut nmilk extract on experimental mammary carcinomaVani LSachdanandam P
22-Mar-2018Photophysical studies on the interaction of urea derivatives with Acridinedione Dyes Bovine serum Albumin and L TryptophanKumaran RRamamurthy P
22-Mar-2018Chemotherapeutic efficacy of withania somnifera along with paclitaxel against Benzo a pyrene induced lung cancer in swiss albino miceSenthilnathan PSakthisekaran D
22-Mar-2018Biochemical evaluation of the role of DL and#940; lipoic lipoic acid in cyclophosphamide induced cardiotoxicityMythili YVaralakshmi P
22-Mar-2018Molecular studies on PknI a Eukaryotic like serine or threonine protein kinase from mycobacterium tuberculosis H37 RvRadha GSujatha Narayanan