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30-Nov-2017Antiproliferative and tumor inhibitory preperty of bacopa manniera linn an in vRohini.GShyamaladevi.C.S
18-Apr-2018Studies on the Histone HI Oxalate binding protein in experimental rat urolithiasisLatha PVaralakshmi P
29-Jan-2018Studies on lipid peroxidation status and other biochemical profile in tannery workers and in experimental acute and subchronic chromium toxicity in rats influence of pre and simultaneous pyridoxine treatmentSatheesh Anand SKrishnamoorthy M S
29-Jan-2018The prophylactic effect of vitamin E therapy on the urinary risk factors with special reference to tamm horsfall glycoprotein in urolithic and hypertensive patientsSumitra KVaralakshmi P
29-Jan-2018Pathophysiologic implications of erythrocyte and its membrane changes related to oxidant stress and apoptosis in chronic renal failure patientsSakthivel RVaralakshmi P
29-Jan-2018Protective role of vitamin E on the oxidative stress associated with multiple drug therapy in leprosy patientsVijayaraghavan RPanneerselvam C
29-Jan-2018Biodiversity and gender correlates of food security a case study of kolli hills tamil naduJaishree MRanjit Daniels R J
28-Feb-2018Evolution and application of age independent indices for detecting under nutrition in field surveys of children aged 5 to10 yearsRamakrishnan RRadhakrishna S
28-Feb-2018Therapeutic role of a new pentacyclic triterpene derivative lupeol EPA in experimental arthritis in lupeol ratsMary LathaVaralakshmi P
29-Jan-2018Prevalence of extended spectrum and#946; Lactamase ESand#946;L Amp and#946; Lactamase and Metallo and#946; Lactamase producing multidrug resistant strains of Klebsiella Spp and Escherichia Coli from cases of extraintestinal and intestinal infections in children 0 5yrs of age in chennaiSubha AAnanthan S