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12-Jul-2017Biochemical studies on germinating vigna mungo seeds effects of carbaryl and plant growth regulatorsMarik, RadharaniBanerjee, Sudip K
12-Jul-2017Some aspects of biochemical and physiological studies on male students exposed to graded exercise following carbohydrate ingestionSarkar, DipaChatterjee, Pratima
11-Oct-2017Biochemical studies on human placental brush border membraneGhosh, Prabar KumarMukherjea, Manju
28-Jul-2017Biochemical aspects of shell mineralization in Macoma birmanical of the mangrove ecosystem of Sundarbans IndiaSaha, ArunangsuJana, Tapan Kumar
20-Jun-2017Physiological and biochemical studies of D fructose 1 6 Bisphosphate 1 phosphohydrolasePathak, Binod KumarMukherji, S
15-Jun-2017Effect of chromium interaction with kidney and intestinal epithelial cells and brush border membranes in relation to certain biochemical parameters in animalSengupta, TapsChatterjee, G C
20-Jun-2017Eco physiological studies of a few plants growing in different seasonal conditions in relation to determination of biochemical indicatorsSen, SupatraMukherji, Subhendu
26-Jul-2017Some biochemical and histopathological effects following exposure to organophosphate and carbamate pesticides on a freshwater teleost oreochromis niloticus LINNSarbadhikari, AnjanaSur, Robin Kumar
19-Jun-2017Some mushrooms from 24 Parganas district West Bengal India and studies on the biochemical aspects on the culture of four edible spicesBasak, Priyabratan.d.
14-Jun-2017Evaluation of cytological biochemical and molecular parameters for taxonomic characterization and comparison of some aroidsGhosh, ParthasarathiSharma, A K