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21-Jul-2016Synthesis and Surface Modification of Iron based Positive Electrode Materials by Polyol Technique for the Development of High Rate Lithium Ion BatteriesMuruganantham, RSivakumar, M
21-Jul-2016Management of Non Performing assets and Recovery Strategies of Old Private Sector Banks in TamilnaduSekar, VBalachandran, V
21-Jul-2016Synthesis dielectric relaxation and magnetic characterization of core shell nanosystemsRajesh, AGurunathan, K
21-Jul-2016Effectiveness of selected Instructional approaches to enhance understanding of abstract concepts in physics among higher secondary studentsThomas, RMalathi, S
21-Mar-2017History of Indian civil services and factors influencing the success in civil services examination with special reference to I A SSekar, RKrishnaraj, R
21-Mar-2017Effectiveness of constructivism based 5Es learning strategy to enhance the acquisition of science process skillsBhaskar, KSivakumar, P
21-Mar-2017Studies on the development biology of callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera bruchide in selected stored grains and their control using bacillus thuringiensisMalaikozhundan, BThiraviaraj, S
21-Mar-2017Mathematical modelling and analysis of non linear equations in chemical sciencesAnitha, ARajendran, S and Paruthimal Kalaingan, G
21-Mar-2017Enhancing physical science teaching competency among bed trainees through technology integrated training programmeTharvin Sumi, IEdward William Benjamin, A
21-Mar-2017Isolated and combined effects of resistance and aerobic training on selected physical fitness physiological and hematological variables among college men studentsSaratha, RManiazhagu, D