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11-Mar-2015Investigations of certain indoor channel models and performance analysis of gigabit millimeter wave mimo systemsKrithiga, SJayakumar, M
11-Mar-2015Pegylated and thiolated chitosan nanoparticles for oral delivery of pth 1 34Narayanan, DeepaChennazhi, Krishna Prasad
11-Mar-2015A two phase approach to source code plagiarism detectionResmi, N GSoman, K P
11-Mar-2015Effective numerical integration formulae to evaluate multiple integrals using generalized gaussian quadratureJayan, SaradaNagaraja, K V
17-Apr-2015Combinatorial approach of curcumin and 5 fluorouracil loaded chitosan derivatives based nanoparticles towards the treatment of carcinoma of colonAnitha, AChennazhi, Krishna Prasad and Jayakumar, R
17-Apr-2015Use of 3d microporous nanofibrous fibrin alginate composite coatings on ti implants for improved osteointegration in vitro study and in vivo testing in rabbit intramedullary modelSoumya, SChennazhi, Krishna Prasad and Menon, Deepthy
17-Apr-2015Development and nanotoxicological analysis of Polymer protein nano polypharmaceuticals against acute myeloid leukemiaChandran, ParwathyKoyakutty, Manzoor
17-Apr-2015fabrication characterization and invitro biological evaluation of microporous 3d composite scaffolds containing nano silica nano bioglass for bone tissue engineeringKavya, k CChennazhi, Krishna Prasad
17-Apr-2015Nanosurface modification of titanium and titanium coated stainless steel coronary stents for preferential cell functionsMohan, Chandini c.Menon, Deepthy
9-May-2015Role of hgf loaded fibrin nano constructs in alginate agarose scaffolds for liver assist devicesPraveen, GChennazhi, Krishnaprasad