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31-May-2010Simulation study of wind energy conversion systemsRamakrishnan, VSrivatsa, S K
31-May-2010Knowledge worker productivity improvement processes, technologies and techniques in defence R&D laboratories:an evaluative studyMohanta, G CThooyamani, K P
31-May-2010Study on biodegradation of coir waste by cyanobacteria and comparing its efficiency with different organic manures on blackgram varietiesAnbuselvi, SJeyanthi Rebecca, L
31-May-2010Studies on the effect of antibacterial activity and anticancer activity of Aegle Marmelos, Solanum Nigrum and Cassia FistulaVenkatesan, DKarrunakaran, C M
31-May-2010Correlative analysis of human cardio-respiratory signals with PPG signal using spectral analysis techniquesSundararajan, MThooyamani, K P
31-May-2010Micropropagation studies on Bacopa Monnieri, Nerium Oleander and Bioreactor studies on micropropagation of dendrobium, an orchidSoundararajan, TKarrunakaran, C M
31-May-2010Pharmacognostical, phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of bark and leaf of Thespesia Populnea. soland Ex.CorreaParthasarathy, RIlavarasan, R; Karrunakaran, C M
14-Oct-2016Analysis and design of series parallel resonant converter with fuzzy controller using state space techniquesNagarajan, CMadheswaran, M
31-May-2010Synthesis and characterization of schiff base complexes: spectral, electrochemical, antibacterial and DNA binding studiesPuthilibai, GRajagopal, G
31-May-2010An empirical study of the Black-Scholes European option pricing formula in pricing the stock call: options in Indian stock option marketNagendran, RVadivel, V