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Title: Utilization of ortho fuctionalized aromatic precursors in the synthesis of heterocycles and carbocycles
Researcher: Chanda, Tanmoy
Guide(s): Singh, Maya Shankar
Keywords: Organic Synthesis
University: Banaras Hindu University
Completed Date: 2015
Abstract: Chemistry of ortho-substituted aromatic compounds is always a fascinating field. Due to the presence of two substituents in close vicinity a sear steric strain is always experienced that makes them behave anomalously in different chemical reactions. This phenomenon scientifically termed as ortho effect. ortho-Substituted precursors most of the times does not obey Hammett equation while undergoing chemical transformations. These precursors occasionally undergo several chemical reactions to minimize steric strain between the two ortho-substituents by achieving planarity but, sometimes they are completely inert toward chemical reactions. The same effect sometimes renders difficulty to ortho-functionalization of aromatic molecules. newlineOur main aim is to apply ortho-fuctionalized aromatic precursors (synthesized or in situ generated) in different chemical reactions toward synthesis of a diverse range of synthetically valuable organic molecules. This monograph embedded with a thorough study of the synthesis of several different classes of ortho-substituted aromatic compounds and their application in the synthesis of bioactive heterocyclic, carbocyclic as well as analogues of naturally occurring molecules. newlineThe theme of current research mostly oriented towards constructing useful synthetic building blocks via tandem strategies in environment friendly and cost effective manner. Thus, recent efforts are made to replace harmful transition metals with its bio-compatible counterparts or to substitute the multi-step synthetic strategies with multicomponent and domino transformations. Keeping these points in mind and as per the growing need of society for new organic molecules we oriented our research to device transition metal free strategies or to create new precursors for construction of novel molecules. Apart from the random generation of libraries of molecules, our major concern is to dive deep down the chemistry involved in those reactions.
Appears in Departments:Department of Chemistry

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