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26-Jul-2011Gynaeco-clinical investigations on post-partum reproductive status and its management with recent therapeutical measures in cowsRaghuwanshi, Dilipsingh SevakramsinghVhora, S C
26-Jul-2011Comparative efficacy of various surgical and chemotherapeutic regimen for the treatment of Canine transmissible Venereal tumourUpadhye, Shirish VinayakraoPanchbhai, V S
26-Jul-2011Histomorphological, histochemical and immunohistological studies on some lymphoid organs in goat (Capra hircus)Waghaye, Jitendra YogeshBhamburkar, V R
26-Jul-2011Histochemical and ultrastructural studies on mammary gland in buffalo ( Bubalus Bubalis)Chaurasia, DurgaDalvi, R S
25-Jul-2011Electron microscopic and histoenzymatic studies on pancreatic islets in goat (Capra hircus)Meshram, Balwant NatthujiDalvi, R S
26-Jul-2011Studies on canine urolithiasis with special reference to role of parathyroidDhakate, Madhukar ShravanjiPanchbhai, V S
26-Jul-2011Studies on healing of fractures of femur in canine with special reference to use of different implants and anabolic hormone: a clinical studyGahlod, Bhushansingh MadhusinghPatil, S N
21-Oct-2015Ultrastructural characterization of oviduct during follicular and luteal phases of estrous cycle in goat capra hircusDattatraya, Shankhapal VinodLadukar, O N
21-Oct-2015Immunoprophylaxis histochemistry and prevalence of coccidiosis in caprines of maratwada regionKhillare, Bapurao SambhajiNarladkar, B W
21-Oct-2015Studies on morphological structures of nagpuri buffalo ovaries along with changes in the uterine structures during various reproductive stagesWaquar Ahmed Abdul RazzaqueSahatpure, S K