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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jul-2014Histoarchitecture, surface ultrastructure and histochemical studies of the olfactory organ of Labeo bata Hamilton, Rita rita Hamilton and Etroplus suratensis Bloch: a comparative studyGhosh, Saroj KumarChakrabarti, Padmanabha
24-Jul-2014Elimination of tannin for utilization of some plant feedstuffs in formulation of diets for rohu, Labeo rohita HamiltonSudipta, MandalGhosh, Koushik
24-Jul-2014Studies on Aedes Aegypti linnaeus occurring in Kolkata, India and its control by soil bacteriaDas, DipanwitaChatterjee, Soumendranath
14-Jul-2014Studies on Filariasis and its related vectors in the foothill areas of Susunia Bankura District West Bengal IndiaParamanik, ManasChandra G
15-Jan-2018Some aspects of piscine nematodoses and transcuticular absorptionRoy, RebaDe, N C and Majumdar G
15-Jan-2018Antifertility action of an indigenous plant on miceKundu, DibyansuSarkar, A K
15-Jan-2018Studies on the arthropod community of cultivated uncultivated and forest soils of Burdwan and effects of some organophosphorus insecticides on themBandyopadhyay, JyotiprakashRoy, Subrata
15-Jan-2018Effects of allatectomy brain cauterization juvenile hormone and juvenile hormone analogues treatment on the biochemical components of some female insectsMandal, SanjayChoudhuri, D K
25-Jan-2018Studies on morphology_anatomy and histophysiology of the digestive organs and their relationship with the food and feeding habits in the Indian freshwater featherbacks Notopterus notopterus_Pallas_and Notopterus chitala_HAMGhosh, AmitabhaMoitra, S K and Dehadrai, P V
25-Jan-2018Studies on nematode parasites of some birds of West BengalNandi, AnandiprasadMajumdar, G