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25-Jul-2014Chlorocholine chloride CCC induced modulation of growth, metabolism and stevioside productivity of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni under in vitro and field conditionDey, AvishekMukherjee, Ambarish
25-Jul-2014Colonization of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobium in roots of vigna mungo and its effect on productivity and resistance to pathogensChakrabarti, JayantaChatterjee, N C
25-Jul-2014Investigations on the Desmid Biodiversity of certain regions of Eastern HimalayasDas, DebjyotiKeshri, Jai Prakash
7-Aug-2014Studies on cadmium, lead and arsenic resistant bacteria isolated from slag disposal site of a steel industry in Burnpur, West BengalPandey, SanjeevMaiti, Tushar Kanti
25-Jul-2014Ethnobotanical implications of places of religious activities in CalcuttaSrilata DeMukherjee, Ambarish
7-Aug-2014A floristic account of Nokrek biosphere reserve, Meghalaya, IndiaSingh, Basanta KumarDebnath, H S
24-Jul-2014Studies on dependence of tribal communities in and around Ayodhya hills, Purulia district, west Bengal on non timber forest produce NTFPSoma, ChandaMukherjee, Ambarish
31-Jul-2014Studies in the reproductive biology and micropropagation of an important medicinal plant , Hygrophila Schulli Buch ham Mr And Sm AlmeidaArefin, Md. BodruddozaPal, P K
4-Aug-2014Study of wetlands in Puruliya district, west Bengal, iNdia with special emphasis on their MacrophytesMandal, Sujit KumarMukherjee, Ambarish
4-Aug-2014Study of non timber forest products NTFPS of Durgapur forest range, Burdwan district, West Bengal, their ethnic use and conservational perspectivesTripti BauriMukherjee, Ambarish