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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
16-Oct-2017Mesoporous SBA 15 Supported Nanocatalysts for Fine Chemical SynthesisPrasad N C KDavid Raju B
16-Oct-2017Synthesis of 2 Anilinopyridine and combretastatin conjugates as potential anticancer agentsAshraf MdAhmed kamal
26-Sep-2017Quantitative Determination of Drugs A Spectrophotometric StrudySailaja BVenkateshwarlu G
25-Sep-2017Rh II Catalyzed Functionalization of Diazo Carbonyl Compounds for Diversity Oriented Synthesis of Spirooxindoles Oxazolidines 3 Aminooxindoles and BisindolinonesRajasekaran TSubba B V
22-Sep-2017Studies on Chromium Based Mesoporous MaterialsSuresh MLakshmi M
21-Sep-2017Functional Group Transformation by Oxidative Protocols Using Transition Metal Free SystemsRajendra PrasadRajender Reddy K
21-Sep-2017Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Mandelalide A Stereocalpin A and Total Synthesis of Btungolide BMahender Reddy KSubhash Ghosh
21-Sep-2017Design Synthesis and Development of Estrogen and Cationic Lipid Based Anticancer TherapeuticsSudhakar GRajkumar banerjee
1-Sep-2017Total Synthesis of Curvularides A E NazarovCyclization of Dienyl Epoxides Synthesis of Resveratrol Based Natural Products and phytochemical studies on Pygmacopremna HerbaceaSatish KMarthanda M
1-Sep-2017Total Synthesis of Pectionolides A C Clonostachydiol Synargentolide B and Development of New Synthetic MethodologiesRamulu USuresh Babu K
1-Sep-2017Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites photocatalysis and solid polymer electrolyte applicationsNaresh, KhilakaSutapa Ghosh
1-Sep-2017Development of new approaches towards the synthesis of Isoxazoles Pyrazoles Triazoles furans and chromenes from propargulic alcoholsVijay Kumar
1-Sep-2017Development of new synthetic methodologies and their applications in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredientsravinder, BPanasa Reddy
1-Sep-2017Synthesis of quinoxaline and pyrido quinoxaline derivatives their antimalarial activity and development of new synthetic methodologies for novel organic compoundsChandra Shekhar, AShanthan Rao, P
1-Sep-2017Design Synthesis Characterization of Novel Coumarin Based Heterocyclic Compounds and Evaluation of their Antimicrobial ActivityVijaya Lakshmi BAshok D
1-Sep-2017Preparation Characterization and Photocatalytic Studies of Defect Pyrochlore Type Oxides of Compostion AB033 B 167 O 6Ravi GVithal M
28-Aug-2017The Synthesis and biological ealuation of chalcones and its derived heterocyclic compoundsSrinivas Rao, NKrishna Reddy, Ch
28-Aug-2017Design synthesis and Biological Screening of Some Novel Carbazole DerivativesRavi sAshok d
28-Aug-2017Rational Design Synthesis Anti Cancer Activity of Quinazolinone Derivatives and Development of Heterocyclic ScaffoldsPalem Jyothsna DeviNagarapu Lingaiah
28-Aug-2017Stereo selective synthesis of Z isomer of cytospolide E and synthesis Biological Activities of 4 OXO 4H Chromen Derived Heterocyclic compoundsNageswara Rao, RayalaChina Raju, B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105