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16-May-2016Development of force microscopic techniques for imaging of colloidal particles and investigation of their interactions theory and experimentDate Kalyani S.Dharmadhikari C. V.
17-May-2016Studies on the radiation induced damages in MOS structures with applications to semiconductor dosimetryKulkarni Vinodkumar RajarampanthDhole Sanjay D. Bhoraskar and V. N.
17-May-2016Magnetic and structural behaviour of sol gel synthesised Mn Fe Co doped ZnOEkhande Lata VijayPatil S. I.
17-May-2016High performance photo detectors and field effect transistors based on low temperature solution processing routesMandal LilyJog Jyoti P. and Ogale S. B.
17-May-2016Optical studies on compositionally tuned semiconductor nanocrystalsSonawane Kiran GaneshMahamuni Shailaja
18-May-2016Scanning probe microscopic investigations of metallic nanostructures electron transport charge storage and related processesMinakshi V. ChaudharyDharmadhikari C. V. and Sastry Murali
18-May-2016Key observational issues in the cosmic microwave backgroundAich MoumitaSouradeep Tarun
6-Apr-2016Engineered metal oxide nanostructures for sensitized solar cell water splitting and photo sensor applicationsGame Onkar SharadBanpurkar Arun G. and Ogale Satishchandra B.
5-Apr-2016Investigations on electrodes and electrolyte materials for the fabrication of integrated low temperature solid oxide fuel cells in low temperature co fired ceramic structuresKulkarni Shrikant GajananPhatak Girish J. and Duttagupta Siddhartha P.
5-Apr-2016Design and development of Photon emitting STM to study the optical properties of individual nanostructuresDey ShirshenduDharmadhikari C. V.