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17-May-2016Studies on i Cross sections of n and#947; and n n reactions with a few target elements using 7 MeV electron accelerator based neutron source and ii double differential crosssections of n charged particles reactions induced by 1 MeV to 100 MeV neutrons with uranium plutonium and concrete targetsBarough Mehdi SalehiDhole Sanjay. D.
17-May-2016High performance photo detectors and field effect transistors based on low temperature solution processing routesMandal LilyJog Jyoti P. and Ogale S. B.
16-May-2016Development of force microscopic techniques for imaging of colloidal particles and investigation of their interactions theory and experimentDate Kalyani S.Dharmadhikari C. V.
17-May-2016Optical studies on compositionally tuned semiconductor nanocrystalsSonawane Kiran GaneshMahamuni Shailaja
18-May-2016Studies on gas sensing performance of pure and modified Fe2O3 thick film resistorNitin Kashinath PawarJain G. H. and Gaikwad V. B.
18-May-2016Scanning probe microscopic investigations of metallic nanostructures electron transport charge storage and related processesMinakshi V. ChaudharyDharmadhikari C. V. and Sastry Murali
18-May-2016Key observational issues in the cosmic microwave backgroundAich MoumitaSouradeep Tarun
18-May-2016Thermal plasma synthesis and diagnosis of nanocrystalline binary and ternary systemsNawale Ashok BhanudasMathe V. L. and Bhoraskar S. V. and Das A. K.
18-May-2016Synthesis of pure and modified BaSnO3 for gas sensingPatil Narendra UttamraoJain G. H. and Gaikwad V. B.
18-May-2016Synthesis characterisation and thermoluminescence studies of some sulphate and oxide micronanophosphors for gamma and electron dosimetryMandlik Nandkumar T.Dhole S. D. and Sahare P. D.