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5-Jul-2016Synthesis and Biological Activity Evaluation of γ-Hydroxyalkyl Substituted Piperidine Iminosugars, Polyhydroxy Aminosugar, Pyranosyl Nucleosides and Studies Towards the Synthesis of (+)-Zwittermicin A Analogues from D-GlucoseMane Rajendra ShantilalDhavale Dilip D.
9-Nov-2011Development of new synthetic route for Asymmetric synthesis of (R)-Mexiletine, (R)-Phenoxybenzamine, (S)-Dapoxetine, (R)-Selegiline and (R)-Rasagiline using hydrolytic kinetic resolution and asymmetric epoxidation-reduction strategiesSasikumar, MNikalje, Milind D
22-Jun-2016Design synthesis and evaluation of amino and guanidine substituted oligomers and oligonucleotides for better cellular uptakePatil Kiran M.Kumar Vaijayanti A.
11-Apr-2016Selective carbon carbon coupling reactions of phthalides synthesis of antihelicobacter pylori agents the cj molecules and oxygen containing bioactive natural productsSingh MandeepArgade Narshinha P.
11-Apr-2016Designed macromolecular architectures by controlled polymerization methodsSane Prakash S.Wadgaonkar Prakash P.
11-Apr-2016Difunctional monomers starting from cashew nut shell liquid cnsl and high performance polymers therefromSadavarte Nilakshi V.Wadgaonkar Prakash P.
11-Apr-2016Surface functionalized noble metal nanoparticles and their encapsulation in porous silica a synthesis characterization and catalytic studySamanta AnupamNandini Devi R.
11-Apr-2016Synthesis of isomeric cyclitols and their derivatives analogs from myoinositol and the associated structural studiesPatil Madhuri TanajiShashidhar M. S.
11-Apr-2016Investigation of ultrafast dynamics of excited states of donor acceptor molecules in condense phaseSingh Chandralekha R. NPalit D. K. and Kumbhar A. S.
11-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of ZnO and doped Cu Mn ZnO nanoparticlesThorat Jyoti H.Kale B.B.