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15-Apr-2016Synthesis of fine chemicals from renewables using supported metal oxides as catalystsKotbagi Trupti V.Dongare M. K. and Umbarkar S. B.
15-Apr-2016A nonmetallic approaches for CH and CSi bond activationsPal SujitPandey Ganesh
15-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of high refractive index hydrophobic polyacrylatesGhorpade Ravindra VasantPonrathnam S.
15-Apr-2016Synthesis related mechanistic and structural studies of cyclitols and their derivativesGurale Bharat P.Shashidhar M. S.
15-Apr-2016Conformationally restricted PNA analogues synthesis and biophysical studies of cationic pyrrolidyl PNAKosgi SreedharGanesh Krishna N.
15-Apr-2016Designing of chitosan and metal metal oxide nanoparticle based nanocomposites for tissue engineering and drug delivery applicationsKumari SangeetaSingh R. P. and Chavan N. N.
4-Nov-2011Radiation and quantum chemical studies of Indole and Chalcone derivativesGaikwad, ParimalRao, B S M; Priyadarsini, K I
4-Nov-2011Theorertical investigations on electronic structure vibrational characteristics and molecular docking of protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B InhibitorsPatil, Dinanath DGejji, Shridhar P
4-Nov-2011Synthesis and bioevaluation of 3-hydroxypiperidines, alpha -hydroxylactones and synthesis of thermosensitive glycopolymers from D-GlucosePawar, Vishwas UttamShinde, Vaishali S
25-Oct-2016Synthesis of new derivatives of Thiophene and Thiophene fused heterocycles and evaluation of their photophysical and biological activitiesChavan, Sunil NivruttiToche,R. B. and Jachak, M. N.