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Title: A Study on The Role of Proinflammatory Cytokines in HIV AIDS Disease Progression in North Indian Population
Researcher: Kakkar Kavita
Guide(s): Sayali Mukherjee
Keywords: Proinflamation
University: Amity University
Completed Date: 2017
Abstract: The observed and expected frequencies for homozygous wild, heterozygous and homozygous variant for TNFa (238 G/A, 308 G/A, 863 C/A), IL 16 (rs 295 T/C, rs 11556218 T/G, rs 407211 C/T), IL 6 (174 G/C, 572 G/C, 596 G/A ), IL 18 (137 G/C, 607 C/A) and APOBEC3B polymorphism were in consistent with H.W.E in HIV infected and uninfected (HSP and HSN) individuals. No significant association was observed between the genotypic and allelic frequencies with the susceptibility of the disease among HSP and HSN individuals and also no risk was involved of the infection for TNFa 238 G/A polymorphism. newlineFor TNFa 308 G/A polymorphism, the variant allele (A) was slightly significantly associated with the susceptibility of the infection (P=0.006), but being protective in nature (OR=0.59). Similarly, heterozygous GA for -308 polymorphism was also seen to be associated with the decreased risk of HIV-1 disease progression from asymptomatic stage to AIDS or the death defining stage. The heterozygous genotype (CA) and variant allele A were significantly associated (P=0.04; 0.03) with the infection, but playing a protective role (OR=0.61; 0.67) for TNFa (863) C/A polymorphism.and#61656;As depicted the frequency of IL 16 (295) heterozygous TC genotype was almost similar in both HSP and HSN individuals and they were in borderline significance (P=0.06; OR=0.60) with the susceptibility of the disease, but no risk of disease infection was involved.135IL 16 (rs 11556218) showed significant correlation was observed among TG, GG and individuals having atleast a single copy of G with the disease susceptibility (plt0.00) and they were associated with the protective role in the course of disease susceptibility.and#61656;None of the other two SNPs in IL 6 gene (174 and 596) exerted a significant correlation with the disease incidence and also there was no risk involved. Heterozygous (GC) and variant (CC) genotypes were found associated but it imparted a significant reduced risk of the HIV-1 infection (OR=0.57, 0.18) for IL 18 (137) G/C polymorphism. newline newline
Appears in Departments:Amity Institute of Biotechnology Lucknow

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