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13-Jun-2016A study of personal and institutional correlates of leadership behaviour of heads of schoolsKarabasanagoudra, Aravind VGanihar, Noorjehan N
31-May-2016A critical study of English teacher education in Andhra PradeshGangaiah, NPatted, G M
7-Jun-2016Modern management techniques in school administration a feasibility cum model setting study with particular reference to schools in Tamil Nadu volume IIVasantha, AShivarudrappa, G
10-Jun-2016A study of school environment family involvement scientific aptitude and academic self image in relation to achievement in physical Science of IXth standard studentsKeshavarao, Kulkarni RameshGanihar, Noorjehan N
10-Jun-2016A study of organizational climate in relation to teacher efficacy and achievement of students of secondary schoolsLakkannavar, Basavaraj LNilavar, Shobha S
10-Jun-2016A study on the effectiveness of multimedia learning package on fiber optic communication in technician educationHonnur, S ARamachandrachar, K
10-Jun-2016A study of cognitive styles scientific aptitude creativity and personality in relation to Science achievement of high average low and under achievers in secondary schoolskumar, K S AnilPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016A comparative study of philosophical and education views of Maharshi Aurobindo Rabindranath Tagore and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan with reference to values of lifeGurunathrao, Kulkarni KrishnaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016A study of organizational patterns and problems pertaining to practice teaching component at secondary teacher education in Karnataka stateJoshi, Arun HJantli, Ramachandra T
10-Jun-2016A study on role efficacy and role performance of secondary school head masters in relation to their administrative behaviourKori, Manjunath BabuRoddannavar, J G