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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Dec-2017Functional multi scale pressure induced assemblies of nanomaterials at two dimensional interfaceMaji, SubrataAcharya, Somobrata
28-Dec-2017Membrane and spectrin interaction of heme and hemoproteinsDas, DebashreeChakrabarti, Abhijit
28-Dec-2017Chemistry of schiff base and mannich base complexes of transition and post transition metal ions and studies on their bio relevant catalytic activitiesKundu, PriyankaDas, Debasis
28-Dec-2017Probing aromaticity in intermediates and transition states along non traditional reaction pathsBanerjee, AmbarGoswami, Dipanjan
28-Dec-2017Synthesis of some selective calixarenes and their applications towards useful organic transformationsSarkar, PiyaliMukhopadhyay, Chhanda
28-Dec-2017Modulation of intermolecular photoinduced electron transfer reactions in heterogeneous assemblies biological nanoparticle surfaces in ultrafast time regimeSengupta, ChaitraliSarkar, M.
28-Dec-2017Steady state and time resolved photophysical properties magnetochemistry and catechol oxidase activity of d block metal complexesMandal, LeenaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Dec-2017Design and development of a novel series of ER ligands and fluorescent imaging of intracellular analytes in cancer cellsGhosh, AvijitAdhikari, Susanta Sekhar
28-Dec-2017Structural magnetic catalytic and spectroscopic properties of metal complexes of varying nuclearityChakraborty, PriyankaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Dec-2017Green synthesis of biologically important molecular scaffolds using solid supports and heterogeneous catalystsDebnath, KamaleshPramanik, Animesh
28-Dec-2017Stabilization of organic radicals in complexes and metal promoted oxidative dehydrogenationBera, SachinathSaha, A. V.
15-Dec-2017Efficient and simple synthetic methods for the construction of significant nitrogen containing heterocyclic moietiesSarkar, RajibMukhopadhyay, Chhanda
15-Dec-2017Synthesis of some new chromogenic and chromo fluorogenic sensors and their applications towards environmentally and biologically relevant lons and moleculesGhosh, SoumenAlam, Akhtarul
15-Dec-2017Theoretical exploration of the Chemistry of Isoelectronic B N analogs of alkane and alkeneMalakar, TanmayPaul, Ankan
15-Dec-2017Designing substituted furan and pyran derivatives from cyclic and acyclic precursors Synthesis and applicationsMal, KanchanDas, Indrajit
15-Dec-2017Beyond born oppenheimer theories Spectroscopic and scattering processesMukherjee, SaikatAdhikari, Satrajit
15-Dec-2017Synthesis of oligosaccharide repeating units of the bacterial cell wall polysaccharidesDhara, DebashisMisra, Anup Kumar
15-Dec-2017Mechanistic investigations of heterogneous catalytic system Relevant to renewable energyChatterjee, SudiptaDey, Abhishek
15-Dec-2017Graphene conducting polymer based nanocomposites Application in energy storage and sensorsAgnihotri, NidhiDe, Amitabha
15-Dec-2017Exploring biological and biomimicking environments through the modulated photophysics of an anthracene based fiuorophoreGanguly, AniruddhaGuchhait, Nikhil
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 333