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27-Jul-2017Design synthesis and characterization of metal-ligand complex and development of their novel catalytic activity toward synthesis of organic compoundsPramanik, NabyenduMaiti, Dilip Kumar
22-Sep-2017Studies on the synthesis of heterocycle derived organic compounds and exploration of their biological propertiesPutatunda, SalilChakraborty, Arijit
27-Jul-2017Synthetic studies exploring catalyzed organic reactions for the construction of heterocyclic systemsPal, GargiDas, Asish Ranjan
1-Sep-2017Metal nanoparticle as catalyst for organic transformationsBej, AnsumanSarkar, Amitabha
27-Jul-2017Multicomponent reaction as an efficient tool in the expeditious synthesis of significant diverse and complex organic moleculesDas, ParamitaMukhopadhyay, Chhanda
14-Jun-2017Construction of significant and valuable organic frameworks by pot atom and step economic approachesRana, SunilMukhopadhyay, Chhanda
27-Jul-2017New organic-inorganic hybrid nanoporous phosphates and silicates - Synthesis characterization and their adsorption optical and catalytic applicationsNik, Malay PramaBhaumik, Asim
20-Jun-2017Heavier transition metal complexes of quinone based organic radicalsBiswas, Manas KrGhosh, Prasanta
27-Jul-2017Organic radical and organometallic complexes of transition elementsMaity, SuvenduGhosh, Prasanta
15-Jun-2017Analytical use of some organic compounds determination of some rare metals thorium zirconium uranium and palladium with a review on the organic analytical reagents for thorium zirconium uranium and palladiumDatta, Sachindra Kumarn.d.