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22-Sep-2017Studies on copper II and Nickel II complexes of diamine Schiff base ligands having N O donor sitesMaity, DebdulalB Drew, M G
27-Jul-2017Studies on some hetero-metallic complexes of 3d 4f 5f metal ionsderived from salen type schiff base ligandsGhosh, SoumavoGhosh, Ashutosh
1-Sep-2017Studies on some d10 metal complexes of schiff-base ligands derived from pyridine derivativesPal, Pankaj KumarPatra, Goutam Kumar
20-Jun-2017Studies on Mn II III complexes with some O and N donor ligandsKar, ParamitaGhosh, Ashutosh
27-Jul-2017Synthesis characterisation and bioactivity of transition and post-transition metal complexes of designed mannich and Schiff-base ligandsSanyal, RiaDas, Debasis
28-Jul-2017Studies on polynuclear transition metal complexes of heterocycle based ligandsKonar, SaugataKar, Susanta Kuma
22-Sep-2017Studies on coordination complexes metal organic frameworks MOFs and supramolecular networks using salicylic acid derivatives and pyrazole based ligandsGoswami, ArijitMondal, Raju
1-Sep-2017Studies on transition metal complexes of some selected multidentate N O-and N S O-donor ligandsSinha, SathiGhosh, Saktiprasad
27-Jul-2017Studies on Ni II and Fe III complexes with some N O donor Schiff base ligandsBiswas, RituparnaGhosh, Ashutosh
27-Jul-2017Transition and Post-transition metal complexes of varying Nuclearity with some designed ligands having N O or S donor sites - Syntheses characterization and reactivities studyChakraborty, PrateetiDas, Debasis