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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Oct-2017Identification of in vivo function of alternaria brassicicola induced sinapis alba L Gene s in susceptible brassica juncea l backgroundMazumder, MrinmoyBasu, Debabrata
13-Oct-2017Effects of cesium on chromosomes and cell divisionGhosh, AditiSharma, Archana
13-Oct-2017Identification of differentially expressed genes from sinapis alba plant on infection with alternaria brassicicola through functional genomic approachGhose, KaushikBasu, Debabrata
13-Oct-2017Phytoplankton dynamics of coastal West Bengal with special reference to bioaccumulation of heavy metalsChoudhury, Avik KumarPal, R
13-Oct-2017Reduction of hexavalent chromium by bacteria isolated from chromite mining environmentDey, SatarupaPaul, A K
13-Oct-2017Physiological and immunoserological studies on induced resistance in ginger Zingiber officinale Rosc against rhizome rot disease caused by pythium aphanidermatum edson fitzGhosh, RajyarsiPurkayastha, R P
11-Oct-2017Molecular and phenotypic stability in Ri transformed organ cultures and plants of tylophora indica burm f merrillRoychowdhury, DipasreeJha, Sumita
11-Oct-2017Growth and nutritional parameter analysis of some micro algae and their beneficial role in the diet of Labeo Rohita Rohu and Carassius auratus gold fishKhatoon, NiloferPal, R
11-Oct-2017Antigenotoxic effects of cassia fistula and cassia sophera extractsGanguli, SuchismitaMukherjee, Anita
11-Oct-2017Studies on cytotoxicity of cobalt in eukaryotic test systemsPalit, SyamasriTalukder, Geeta
10-Oct-2017Botanical evidences in relation to foresic investigations development of experimental databaseMore, SandipBera, Subir
10-Oct-2017Generation of increased salinity tolerant transgenics of vigna mungo and study the plant microbe interactionPandey, Nisha KantJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Growth performance and mass production of a few local microalgae of high potential and their use in diet of oreochromis spp with reference to digestion and growthRoy, Sudeshna SenPal, Ruma
10-Oct-2017Evaluation of the clastogenicity of physical and chemical agents by molecular cytogenetic biomarkers in plantsBandyopadhyay, AtrayeeMukherjee, Anita
10-Oct-2017Heavy metal accumulation and their effects in some plants from contaminated areas with special reference to leadPal, RaikamalKundu, Rita
10-Oct-2017Clonal propagation germplasm conservation and DNA fingerprinting pattern in Bulbophyllum auricomum Lind LThan, Myo Ma MaJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Studies on the medicinal properties of astraeus hygrometricus PERS MORGBiswas, GunjanAcharya, Krishnendu
10-Oct-2017In vitro study on tea and cashewnut as an aid for propagation of improved varietiesDas, SudriptaJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Tissue culture and agrobacterium mediated transformation of Tylophora indica for production of secondary metabolitesChaudhuri, Kuntal NarayanJha, Sumita
9-Oct-2017Agrobacterium mediated transformation in medicinal plants and studies on relationship between organisation and secondary metabolite production in vitroMukhopadhyay, SwapnaJha, Sumita
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 536