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21-Apr-2014Anticarcinogenic effect in DLA transplanted Mice and Antimicrobial efficacy of Morinda tinctoria and Nerium indicum and their characterization by in silico studiesSreena K PAnnapoorani S
11-Aug-2014Antioxidant and antitumorigenic efficacy of methanolic extracts of gloriosa superba and silver nanoparticles of methanolic extracts of gloriosa superba to dla tumor cellsSaradha Devi, K MAnnapoorani, S
11-Aug-2014Pulmonary function and markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in photocopier operatorsNithya, EJeyanthi, G P
3-Nov-2014Approaches for copyright protection of compressed and uncompressed video data using enhanced watermarkingJayamalar, TRadha, V
3-Nov-2014Empirical investigation of software quality issues in enterprise resource planning implementationVijaya Kumar, M NSuresh, A V
3-Nov-2014Development of Swarm Intelligent Systems for MANET: ACO based routing in MANETs for effective communicationSharvani C SRangaswamy, T M
3-Nov-2014Women empowerment through entrepreneurial activities: a self help group approach in andaman islandsBanerjee, HemaGeetha, K T
3-Nov-2014Enhanced prediction system for wastewater treatment process using soft computing techniquesVijayabhanu, RRadha, V
3-Nov-2014Educational intervention on enhancing hygiene management practices among women in urban slums of Coimbatore corporationHarihara Priya, EAlamelu, R
3-Nov-2014Gender mainstreaming in agriculture in the selected tribal settings a comparative analysis of Tamil Nadu and Manipur statesPhilachon, R SThangamani, K