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23-Jan-2013Impact of home and school environments on values of adolescent girls a cross cultural studySumati RajkumariBaradha G
23-Jan-2013Designing an integrated model of organisational commitment quality of work life and job performance with special reference to the employees in ITes Sector CoimbatoreArthi JKurup, Shantha B
27-Nov-2014Evaluation of Thrombolytic and Antioxidant Potential of Murraya koenigii and Spinacia oleraceaPappa Ammal, RPushpa, A
27-Nov-2014Experimental and Theoretical investigation of flavonoid based plants stem and leaves of Dodonaea viscosa Mundulea sericea and Cassia alata on mild steel corrosion in acid mediaLeelavathi, SRajalakshmi, R
27-Nov-2014Detection of epileptic seizures based on electroencephalogram using enhanced signal processing and soft computing techniquesGeetha, GGeethalakshmi, S N
3-May-2016Causal Relationship between Lean Supply Chain Management Practices Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Organizational PerformanceLakshmiMeera B LDr. P. Chitramani
29-May-2015Saivasamaya Valarchiyil Sundarar ( சைவசமய வளர்ச்சியில் சுந்தரர் )Pavitha, M (பவித்ரா, மு)Sundarambal, C (சுந்தராம்பாள், சி)
29-May-2015Yettuthogai aganoolgalil magleer (எட்டுத்தொகை அகநூல்களில் மகளிர்)Mangayarkarasi, R (மங்கையர்க்கரசி, ர )Sundrampal, C (சுந்தராம்பாள், சி)
21-Apr-2014Isolation, structure elucidation, metabolite profiling and bio-, pharma- activity screening of eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) SolmsJayanthi PLalitha P
21-Apr-2014Isolation purification and structural characterization of quercetin and its derivatives from in vitro suspension cultures of selected plants and its comparison to invivo plant partsRajalakshmi P VKalaiselvi K