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30-Apr-2012Structural, thermal, corrosion inhibition and electrical conductivity studies on some Schiff bases and their transition metal complexesJacob, K StanlyParameswaran, Geetha
22-Feb-2013Synthesis characterization and Photophysical and biological studies on some HeterocyclesRanjith CVijayan K K
12-May-2016Physicochemical corrosion inhibition and biological studies on schiff bases derived from heterocyclic carbonyl compounds and their metal complexesVinod P RaphaelJoby Thomas K
13-Sep-2013Nitrogen donor heterocycles and their Schiff bases as analytical agents complexing agents and corrosion inhibitorsJoseph, BincyJoseph, Abraham
13-Sep-2013Studies on the development of an ecofriendly multicomponent synthetic approach to Mannich Type N Substituted and#946; Amino acid derivativesShinu, V SBahulayan, D
11-Nov-2011Water quality studies in selected areas of Malabar region Kerala stateUsha Kumari, SParameswaran, Geetha
2-May-2012Synthesis, structural, antitumour and antibacterial studies on some transition metal complexes of schiff basesSree Kumar, P KParameswaran, Geetha
14-Dec-2015The effect of organic fertilizers on soil quality nutrient availability and quality of black pepperRubina M RA.K. Sadanandan
14-Dec-2015Phytochemical investigation of a few plants and screening of some secondary metabolites for their biological propertiesBeena JoseP. Muhamed Shafi
3-Nov-2011Synthesis characterisation and biological studies on metal complexes of 1, 7-Diarylhepta-1, 6-Diene-3, 5- DionesJoseph, BabuKrishnankutty, K