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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Sep-2014Household consumption expenditure in Kerala arguments evidences and lessonsMaithily, KMani, K P
4-Jan-2016Household council or inndongta among the paite of Lungchin Manipur south districtKamkhenthang, HGoswami, M C
2-Jun-2016Household demand for childrens education among muslims _ an empirical search for determinants in Barak valleyChoudhury, Isia UddinDutta, Sumanash
17-Oct-2016Household energy consumption pattern in rural area Thiruvarur District Tamil Nadu an analysisThandpani,VKarthikeyan, R
27-Jan-2017Household expenditure on health care in urban odisha an empirical study of cuttack cityChakraborty, SonaliDebi, S
13-Mar-2015Household food distribution and family food and nutrition security :Archana PrabhatKhyrunnisa Begum
17-Dec-2015Household income distribution in Tirunelveli districtKalabarani, S PSubbulakshmi, B
20-Nov-2014Household Level Waste Management In Aligarh CityMohd, SalahuddinSingh, Abha Lakshmi
10-Feb-2015The household management of diarrhoea in its social context study of a Delhi slumBhandari, NitaQadeeri, I
28-Oct-2016Household sector savings and deposit mobilisation in OrissaMishra, RMohapatra, A K
13-Jun-2016Household women and their sociological study of gulbarga cityManikamma, NagindrappaKhan,A G
19-Feb-2015Household work management with electrical appliance an analytical studySelsa, SKamalamma, N
24-Jul-2017Houseless population in Kanpur city a Socio Economic and structural analysisShamshadJabir Hasan Khan
10-Oct-2016Housing and neighbourhood relationships in a middle income urban milieuGaneshan, NSingh, M Lakshman
10-May-2016Housing conditions of scheduled castes in vellore district tamil nadu a studySivaprakasam, RDr Kuppusamy, K
15-Nov-2016Housing cooperative societies in Delhi_a study in national developmentKhurana, Mohan LalSharma, Ranbir
9-Jun-2016Housing development and finance in India an evaluation of selected housing finance organisationsHonagannavar, D VDaniel, K S
28-Mar-2017Housing development and finance in Maharashtra An evaluation study of selected housing finance organisationsPaila, MohanChavan, V M
21-Nov-2011Housing fiancne companioni nafakaraktanu vishleshan (હાઉસીંગ ફાઈનાન્સ કંપનીઓની નફાકારકતાનું વિશ્ર્લેષણ: ગુજરાત રાજ્યનાં સંદર્ભમાં)Mulchandani, Rajesh A (મુલચંદાની, રાજેશ એ)Jani, Kamlesh M (જાની, કમલેશ એમ)
2-Mar-2016Housing finance a beneficiaries perception analysis a case study of Mysore disrtictNagaraju, B.Ananthan, B. R.