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20-Feb-2017A Comparative Study Of Impact Of Teacher Training Through Formal Education And Distance Education On Teaching Competence And Attitude Towards Teaching Of B Ed Teachers TraineesNavaneet Kumar TiwariS.S.Koushik and Gita Singh
31-Mar-2016A comparative study of Oliver Goldsmith and Gurajada appa raoGovardhan, A KPrabhakar, T
16-Nov-2016A comparative study of persian ghazals in a w adh and iran in 18th centuryBondarabadi, Fatemeh AttarpourMahdi, Akhtar
29-Jun-2016A comparative study of the financial statement of the selected cement companyRam Kishorkumar ParbatbhaiChandarana,Harish M
18-Jul-2016A comparative study to assess and develop information booklet on immunization practices among parents and health personnel from selected urban versus rural areas of pune districtJoshi, Shweta SatishMhaske, Anuradha N
22-Jun-2016A critical appraisal of human resource management with reference to print media in raipur cityPandey, SumitaJoshi, V K
24-Aug-2016 A critical study of Vinaya PÈrÈjika rules for Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni with special reference to TheravÈda TextsSACCANYANADr. Prof. Shailaja Bapat
11-May-2016A Framework for Context Aware Service Provisioning In Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksPonmozhi.KRajesh.R.S.
20-Jun-2016A kinetic and mechanistic study of la iii rh iii and pd ii catalysed and uncatalysed oxidation of some sugar by cerium ivGhosh, Manoj KumarRajput, Surendra Kumar
25-Oct-2016A Muthulingam punaivukalil panmuga panpattuk kurugal (அ.முத்துலிங்கம் புனைவுகளில் பன்முக பண்பாட்டுக் கூறுகள் )Prinjes, S (செ.பிறிஞ்ஜஸ் )Selvakumaran, S (சு.செல்வகுமாரன் )
23-Feb-2017A New air shower array investigation on electron component of air showersGoswami, Gopal ChandraChoudhuri, N
11-Jul-2016A psychological study of suicidal tendency anxiety and adjustment among agedRathod, Dhara BParmar, R C
21-Aug-2017A sociological study of Nepali evening school in ShillongDiengdoh Donna RicaPanda, B
14-Jun-2016A study analysis and effects of inflation accounting on financial statements and changing prices in India with special reference to steel authority of India Ltd SAILHilda ShamsadiniMulla J. R.
28-Jul-2017A Study on Consumer Behaviour Towards Purchase of Cars With Special Reference to Tamil NaduElanthiraiyan. A MBalakrishnan. V
14-Jul-2016A study of depression and suicidal ideation in relation to life style among adult womenGoyal, SwatiSharma, O. P.
28-Feb-2017A Study of Feminism in the Indian English Poetry of Gauri Deshpande Kamala Das and Mamta KaliaBarot Madhviben PravinkumarChauhan Ramesh Singh M.
25-Jul-2017A study of motivational factors to learn rajayoga meditation at brahma kumaris international head quarters mount abu rajasthanNagesh N VSurender Kumar and Sachindra babau
23-Feb-2017A Study of sensitivity of different high energy interaction models by the cosmic ray extensive air shower technique at the energy levels of 10 14 eVSanyal, SubrataChoudhuri, N