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28-Dec-2015Ion solvent interactions studies on lithium sodium and potassium propionates in propionic acid ethanol mixturePrasad,B. NagendraSubha,M. C. S.
14-Mar-2018Ion tagged proline and arginine based compounds as organocatalysts in carbon carbon bond forming reactionsInani, HeenaSrinivasan, Easwar
8-Jan-2016Ion transport by the river siang Arunachal Pradesh with special reference to distribution of heavy metals in water and sediementsBhattacharjee, Keshab KumarBhattacharyya, Krishna G
5-Aug-2013Ion transport studies on polymer gel eElectrolytes containing ionic liquidsKaur, Dilraj PreetSekhon, S S
6-May-2014Ion Transport Studies on Polymer Gel Electrolytes Containing Ionic LiquidsDilrajpreet KaurSekhon, S.S.
27-Jan-2017Ion-solvent interaction of cobalt sulphate and nickel sulphate in blood serum-water mixtureAcharya, SanghamitraDas, P B
11-Jul-2016Ion_exchange resin bead tests for microgram detection of elements and organic compoundsRathi, M SQureshi, S Z
3-Mar-2016Ion_exchange resin bead tests for microgram detection of elements and organic compoundsRathi, M SQureshi, S Z
21-Oct-2015Ion_exchange resin bead tests for microgram detection of elements and organic compoundsRathi, M SQureshi, S Z
24-May-2016Ion_pairs a comprehensive study preparation structure reactivity and applicationsGowtham, M DNagendrappa, G
10-Jan-2018Ionic association of some symmetrical electrolytesRath, SunandaBehera, B
23-Feb-2017Ionic conduction in polar dielectric liquidsChoudhury, IraGhosh, Robin
23-Jun-2016Ionic conduction in polyvinylidene fluoride and polyvinylidene fluoride cohexfluoropropylenebased gel polymer electrolytes containing Lix x equal to CIO4 CF3SO3_ and AsF6_ saltsSaikia, DigantaAshok Kumar
17-Dec-2015Ionic conduction studies in AgI based amorphous solid electrolytesK P,PadmasreeKanchan,D K
18-Oct-2016Ionic conduction through anodic oxide thin films on valve metalKatyal, ParveenNigam, R K
7-Mar-2017Ionic conductivity and optical properties of impurity doped Alkali halidesSharat SinghSarma, Hidangmayum Nandakumar
7-Aug-2014Ionic conductivity optical and EPR studies on some alkali haloborate glassesMadhusudan Reddy, KNarasimha Chary, M
5-May-2015Ionic liquid as homogeneous catalyst for one pot multicomponent heterocyclic synthesisPatel, Vaibhav KiritkumarRaval, D K
29-May-2017Ionic liquid assisted synthesis of fluorohydroxyapatite nano bioceramics to improve their morphology and biological applications A green strategyJegatheeswaran, SSundrarajan, M
11-Mar-2016Ionic Liquid Doped Solvent Catalysis A faCile Approach For The Synthesis Of Heterocyclic CompoundsDadhania, Abhishek NathalalRaval, DK