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24-Jan-2017An analytical study of employee satisfaction from welfare facilities in diesel engine factories of Rajkot districtAshish Buddhidhanbhai GorvadiyaVijaybhai Patel, K
24-Jan-2017A study on some topics in algebraPatel, Hiren DVisweswaran, S
24-Jan-2017Shivani ke katha sahityamein samajik chetnaDatwani, Mamta NRaval, Rajesh J
24-Jan-2017Some problems related to index of graph labelingJariya, Mahesh MKaneria, V J
24-Jan-2017A study of mahatma gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme in context of Junagadh districtSondarva, Mahesh BShah, N R
24-Jan-2017A comparative study of professional satisfaction and mental health of bank employees and bank employees connected with sportsGevriya, Krushnaben BavanjiTeraiya, Punit Vajubhai
24-Jan-2017Comparative study of emerging trends in microelectronics technology as well as computer architecture techniques and combining both to achieve optimum performance ArchitectureAhir, D HShah, N A
24-Jan-2017Growth and characterization of lead cadmium and other mixed levo tartrate crystalsJethva, Harshkant OJoshi, M J
24-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterization of pure and doped calcium pyrophosphate nano particlesVasant, Sonal RJoshi, M J
24-Jan-2017Shri anand ashram bilkha establishment development and activities an evaluationKhachar, Praduman BBakotra, Sangita N
24-Jan-2017Jamsaheb digvijaysinhji of jamnagar life and work a studyDabhi, Rajesh NManek, Kalpaben A
24-Jan-2017A case study on the contribution in the field of sportsand games of the king of Jamnagar jam ranjitsinhJoshi, Gopal RSoni, Jatin
24-Jan-2017A study on the effect of skill related specific training programme on sports skills and physiological ariables of women players of cricketDave, Shweta NSoni, Jatin
24-Jan-2017Comparative study of physical fitness components and b m i of boys and girls players selected for various games at National school gamesKasundra, Dharmesh CSoni, Jatin
24-Jan-2017A comparative study of effectiveness of aerobic dance yoga training programme on student s educational interest adjustment and well beingPatel, Minaxi MansukhbhaiBarot, Nidat
24-Jan-2017Study of the reading habits and information needs of student teachers of physical education colleges of Gujarat stateBaloch, Reshma DSavaliya, Jamnadas
24-Jan-2017Popular literature in indian writting in english with reference to chetan bhagat s novelsPandya, Sachinkumar RBhatt, Dilip D
24-Jan-2017Efficacy of voice therapy in dysphonia using multidimensional assessment protocolMathur, RupaliSinha, Vikas
24-Jan-2017Narendra kohli ke upanyaso me vyangyaZankat, Ridhhiben BhupatsinghDodiya, N M
24-Jan-2017Economic problems prospects of self help group related shkhi mandal a study in the context of Junagadh distRaval, Sapna KThanki, Ela A