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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jul-2017Investigation on the leaf inhabiting moniliales of Eastern IndiaMallik, FirojPurkayastha, R P
20-Jun-2017Investigation on the susceptibility of rice plants to helminthosporium infection in relation to the age of plants and nitrogen content of the soilMukhopadhyay, RatnaPurkayastha, R P
10-Jul-2017Investigations on nutritional and cultural affinities of volvariella and coprinus in relation to their interaction effects on yield of paddy straw mushroom and control of coprinusDas, Asok KumarPurkayastha, R P
10-Jul-2017Investigations on some wood rotting fungi in relation to decay resistance of pterocarpus marsupium roxbChaudhuri, Asish KumarPurkayastha, R P
27-Jul-2017Pesticidal effects on biochemical defense of jute plants in relation to anthracnose diseaseMitra, ShampaPurkayastha, R P
27-Jul-2017Physiological and biochemical studies on some naturally occurring edible fungi in the plains of West BengalMandal, TapatiPurkayastha, R P
13-Oct-2017Physiological and immunoserological studies on induced resistance in ginger Zingiber officinale Rosc against rhizome rot disease caused by pythium aphanidermatum edson fitzGhosh, RajyarsiPurkayastha, R P
21-Jun-2017Physiological studies of some edible gill fungiBiswas, SubrataPurkayastha, R P
26-Jul-2017Physiological studies on some Indian species of Edible MushroomsChandra, AindrilaPurkayastha, R P
21-Jun-2017Physiological studies on the leaf spot disease of jute corchorus capsularis L caused by myrothecium roridum tode EX FRRaha, ChandaPurkayastha, R P
26-Jul-2017Physiological studies on the sheath rot disease of rice Oryza Sativa LChaudhuri, Saswati RayPurkayastha, R P
27-Jul-2017Studies on biochemical defence on rice plants with special reference to sheath blight diseaseBera, SusobhanPurkayastha, R P
21-Jun-2017Studies on fungal decay resistance and control of bio degradation of sissoo wood Dalbergia sissoo ROXBPattanayak, AlokebaranPurkayastha, R P
16-Jun-2017Studies on host parasite interactions with special reference to myrothecium leaf spot disease of soybeanGhosh, SumitaPurkayastha, R P
25-Jul-2017Studies on mushroom culture with special reference to some edible agaricsJana, Kamal KumarPurkayastha, R P
25-Jul-2017Studies on phytoalexin and plant antigens in relation to resistance of soybean glycine max L merrill cultivars to anthracnose diseaseChattopadhyay, RatnaPurkayastha, R P
27-Jul-2017Studies on some aspects of the anthracnose disease of jute corchorus capsularis LRay, ChandiPurkayastha, R P
27-Jul-2017Studies on the charcoal rot disease of soybean in relation to rhizobium macrophomina interaction and cultural amendmentsMenon, P UshaPurkayastha, R P
15-Jun-2017Studies on the growth and improvement of an edible mushroom calocybe indica P and CNayak, Dipak KumarPurkayastha, R P
27-Jul-2017Studies on the phyllosphere of jute corchorus capsularis L in relation to the anthracnose disease caused by colletotrichum corchori Pavgi and SinghBhattacharyya, BhaswatiPurkayastha, R P