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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
1-Jul-2016Biochemical studies in certain members of fabaceaeMaragathavalli, CJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Biochemical studies in certain tribal pulses from Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats South IndiaPugalenthi, MJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Ethno medico botanical studies and antibacterial activity of the plants used by the Irulars of Siruvani hills Western Ghats IndiaKarthikeyani, T PJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Ethnobotany and antibacterial activity of medicinal plants used by irulars of Nilgiri district Western Ghats IndiaSasikumar, J MJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Evaluation of pre treatments on the germination of forest tree seedsKumudha, PJanardhanan, K
7-Jul-2016Evaluation of pre treatments on the germination of forest tree seedsVijayakumari, BJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Nutritional and antinutritional properties of South Indian tribal pulsesVadivel, VJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Seed physiology of mucuna pruriens L DCJosephine, R MaryJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Seed physiology of Mucuna SPArulmozhi, MJanardhanan, K
23-Feb-2017Socialistic consciousness in the poems of Gajanan Madhav MuktibothJanardhanan, KNasthi Kumar, P and Sudha, B
4-Jul-2016Studies on evaluation of agrobotanical physicochemical and post harvest technology of different accessions of an underutilized pulse mucuna pruriens var utilisGurumoorthi, PJanardhanan, K
7-Jul-2016Studies on pulses of tribal utility and their wild related species in IndiaRajaram, NJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Studies on seed development and germination in Mucuna utilis wall ex Wt papilionaceaeJanardhanan, KLakshmanan, K K
1-Jul-2016Studies on the antinutritional factors in tribal pulsesVijayakumari, KJanardhanan, K
1-Jul-2016Studies on the distant cross derivatives of red gram and related SPPRavindraraju, VJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Studies on the effect of plant growth regulators on neem Azadirachta indica A JUSS micropropagationNalini, KJanardhanan, K
1-Jul-2016Studies on the seed proteins of tribal pulsesSiddhuraju, PJanardhanan, K
4-Jul-2016Studies on tribal pulses in IndiaMohan, V RJanardhanan, K