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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Oct-2017Charge and proton transfer reactions of some interesting self designed molecules in different environments spectroscopic and computational studiesJana, SankarGuchhait, Nikhil
31-Oct-2017Design synthesis and application of new chemosensors towards environmentally and biologically relevant ions and molecules a spectroscopic and theoretical investigationDalapati, SasankaGuchhait, Nikhil
31-Oct-2017Electronic structure calculations of some molecules and small clusters with special emphasis on optical and magnetic propertiesSeal, PrasenjitGuchhait, Nikhil
10-Oct-2017Excited state properties of some organic systems a combined fluorescence measurement and quantum chemical calculationsSingh, Rupashree BaliaGuchhait, Nikhil
13-Oct-2017Excited state proton transfer reaction in some selected intramolecular hydrogen bonded substituted aromatic systems: experimental and theoretical approachPaul, Bijan KumarGuchhait, Nikhil
15-Dec-2017Exploring biological and biomimicking environments through the modulated photophysics of an anthracene based fiuorophoreGanguly, AniruddhaGuchhait, Nikhil
27-Oct-2017Fluorescence spectroscopy of some selected organic moleculesChakraborty, AmritaGuchhait, Nikhil
27-Jul-2017Interaction of some biologically important molecules with biomolecular and biomimetic assemblies - From photophysics to prospective applicationsRay, DebaratiGuchhait, Nikhil
11-Oct-2017Photo induced charge transfer and proton transfer reaction of selected aromatic systems basic phenomenon and applicationsSamanta, AnuvaGuchhait, Nikhil
10-Oct-2017Photo induced processes of some organic molecules fluorescence spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculationMahanta, SubrataGuchhait, Nikhil
10-Oct-2017Spectral properties of some specially designed donor acceptor charge transfer systems studies in condensed phase and in supersonic molecular beamGhosh, ShaliniGuchhait, Nikhil