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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jul-2016Asymbiotic seed germination and micropropagation of some orchidsJeyakodi, LBai, V Narmatha
1-Jul-2016In vitro and phytochemical studies in isodon wighth bentham H HaraThirugnanasampandan, RBai, V Narmatha
1-Jul-2016In vitro approaches for the propagation and conservation of the endemic ceropegia barnesh bruce ET Chatterjee and ceropegia pusilla wight ET ARN asclepiadaceaeAnanthan, RBai, V Narmatha
1-Jul-2016In vitro propagation of some economically important ornamental plantsPrabhu, PBai, V Narmatha
4-Jul-2016In vitro studies in aristolochia tagala cham a threatened medicinal plantRemya, MBai, V Narmatha
4-Jul-2016In vitro studies in salacia beddomei gamble an endemic woody climberDeepa, M ABai, V Narmatha
7-Jul-2016In vitro studies on amorphophallus smithsonianus Sivadasan an endemic aroidAravinthan, K MBai, V Narmatha
4-Jul-2016In vitro studies on coelogyne stricta D Don SCHLTR endemic and eria bambusifolia LINDL rare of orchidaceaeBaskar, CBai, V Narmatha
4-Jul-2016Morphological studies in the rutaceaeBai, V NarmathaLakshmanan, K K
4-Jul-2016Phenology breeding system and reproductive success in teak tamarind and casuarina implication on domesticationNagarajan, BBai, V Narmatha
15-Jul-2016Status survey and in vitro approaches for the conservation of the endemic and endangered impatiens Nilgirica C Fischer balsaminaceae and the vulnerable lilium neilgherrense wight liliaceae from the Nilgiris Nilgiri biosphere reserve IndiaBalasubramanian, SBai, V Narmatha